Allegheny County, PA
Borough of Edgewood
A small community located just east of the Pittsburgh city limits.

Air Quality Event
APR 01, 2015, WED


Another surprise event.

Kind of typical accumulation of particulate in the Monongahela Valley but what suprized me was the recorded PM10 levels at the North Braddock monitor site.

And what else?
No DEP station data being reported to
and Lawrenceville sees virtually nothing.

View with sun at back. Haze can be seen along horizon.

Optimal vantage point, sun does emphisizes fine particulate matter.


View with sun at back, looking down river.

North Braddock Data

Not a terribly bad event at home, just missing the timely reporting of DEP station data.

Climatic Conditions:
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Slow and shifting winds. No visabilty problems reported at county airport.

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